5 Ways to Make a Good Impression with Your Clients

Do your customers respect your expertise? Do they seek out your advice when they have a challenge and carefully weigh what you tell them? They should. Your clients have hired you because they believe a) you can solve their current challenge and b) they see you as the authority in that area. That’s half the battle. Now all you have to do is show them that they made the right decision.
Here are five ways to make a good impression on your clients:

1. Be honest. No one wants to feel as if they’ve been hoodwinked. If a client requests something that you don’t have the capability to do, don’t lie and say you do. Instead, create alliances with others who can offer that product and service, so that when you do have a request for it, you can fulfill your clients’ wishes by offering a good referral.

2. Be realistic. Don’t promise your client the moon when you know you cannot deliver. It’s always better to under promise and over deliver. The same goes for pricing. Make sure you cover any incidental expenses you may incur in your quote. If you come in under that amount, charge your client less. They’ll love you for that.

3. Be diplomatic. Remember the credo that the client is always right. Arguing with your client isn’t going to get you anywhere, except possibly the loss of a client. Instead, find another way to provide the advice or information without making your client feel as if they’re in the wrong.

4. Be helpful. Send your clients a newsletter, letter or just an email telling them about a product or service that you believe will help their business grow. People love to get things for free and will remember that you thought of them.

5. Be a referral source. When you meet people who may need your clients’ products or services, send them their way. By doing this, your business relationship becomes much more reciprocal and long-lasting.
There are certainly more than five ways to “wow” your clients. The list above should be a good starting point, though. Show your clients how much you value them and they will return the favor.


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