Business Websites and Why You Need One

“Why do I need a web site?”


The simple answer is to stay in business. The more complex one is that a website not only tells people what products you sell or services you provide, but also imparts other information about your company and industry that just may not fit on a conventional size brochure or advertisement.  With a website you become the expert. And everyone wants to buy from an expert.


That’s the entire point, isn’t it? When a potential client sees your website you want to them say, “I have to call so and so. They know exactly what I need.” In many ways, websites have become a credibility barometer for business. Internet savvy consumers assume that if you have a website you are credible—if you don’t you are not.


What can a website do for your business? Depending on your marketplace several things including:

  • Putting your company on the map
  • Bringing in more leads
  • Expanding your market
  • Competing with larger businesses in your field


How do you put all these elements together? Well once you have a domain name (your website address) you can start the creative process. A website that brings in business involves more than just creating a one-page static site with some wording. It requires a well-thought out plan, implemented by a creative team comprised of a:

  • Writer to provide text that not only says what you want to say to your clients but also says it in a manner that will get your telephone to ring.
  • Graphic designer to give your site the look you are after.
  • Web designer to bring the written word and the graphics together in the final product.


A website doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, but having one will bring prestige and credibility to your business.


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