Saying Thank You for Referrals is What Networking is About

Referrals are the icing on the cake for most business owners. You want them, but once you receive the referrals, how do you appropriately thank that person for recommending you?

Here are a few simple tips that I have found to be successful.

1. Immediately contact that individual via e-mail, snail mail or on the telephone to tell them how much you appreciate their confidence in you. Assure them that you will show their referral the same high standards that you afforded to them.

2. Keep the individual who gave you the referral in the loop. Let them know how things went and what the outcome was. It is another chance for you to show your gratitude.

3. Thank them at networking events they also attend. Nothing touches people more than public recognition.

4. Send a card, a gift or take them out for a meal. You would be surprised at the impact saying thank you has on others.

5. When you thank those who gave you referrals, you can be sure they will tell the individual they referred about your generosity and kindness. This, in turn, will motivate that individual to recommend you to others.

Referrals are a gift we get from others when we provide an excellent service or a quality product. Thank you’s are the way we not only recognize their confidence and trust in our product or service, but are also a way to keep our name at the forefront of their mental rolodexes.

Thanks for reading!


Letting Go Allows You to Grow Your Business

Like many small business owners, you may have adopted the habit of trying to do it all because you don’t feel you can afford to pay someone else to do it. You answer your own phones, do your own billing and even write your own marketing materials. If you’re doing everything yourself, who is taking care of your business?

Part of growing as a business means letting go and delegating tasks that are not in your area of interest. Take marketing for instance. Do you really have all that extra time to create marketing pieces for yourself? Are you really saving that much money by doing it yourself? If you sat down and figured out what you could be earning hourly running your business, you’d find you are actually losing money.

Instead of trying to do it all yourself go to the experts. Contact a copywriter, graphic design or web designer to put your marketing materials together in a cohesive, organized fashion that will help promote your brand, get your customers to contact you and in the end save you money.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask others who have used professionals to get their message out and find out how it has helped them. Use the remainder of this year to let go and grow.