Email Newsletters that Engage, Entice, and Educate Your Customers

There’s a lot of talk on the web that e-newsletters are a dying breed, soon to join Beta recorders and PDAs. Hogwash! E-mail newsletters can be just as effective as other types of marketing if done correctly, with your clients’ preferences in mind.

How can you beef up your business e-newsletter so it reflects the value your product or service has to your client, while being interesting, concise, fun and informational all at the same time? Here are some simple ways to get your clients to take notice the next time your newsletter hits their e-mail box.

Subject line—The first thing your client sees when they receive your newsletter is the subject line. Make it irresistible, so that they just won’t be able to delete it or leave it unopened. If you have a punchy headline you can use the entire headline or a portion of it for your subject line.

Headline—How do you know if you’ve written an attention grabbing headline? Try testing it on the Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer (, which rates headlines for their emotional appeal.

Tone—Use a conversational tone in your message, free of industry terms. If you choose to use slang or a trendy term, make sure it is something your audience will understand.

Tell a story—Everyone loves a story, so give them one in your newsletter. Tie the story to your message for that newsletter.

Visuals—Use photographs, illustrations or links to videos to support your text and give your reader something to break up the text.

Peak their interest—Give your readers a sneak peek at next week’s or next month’s newsletter by mentioning what will be featured.

Use a standardized format—There are numerous email services available to facilitate the design and distribution of your newsletter, including iContact (, Constant Contact (, AWeber (, Get Response (, Vertical Response (, and Mail Chimp (, to name a few. They vary in cost; however, compared to other marketing materials, they are quite reasonably priced.

Consistent delivery—We expect our news to come at specific intervals. When it doesn’t we can become easily disenchanted. Receiving an e-newsletter is no different. Schedule your newsletters to launch the same day of the week or month and at the same time.



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