Content Offers Make an Immediate Impact

If you’ve been trying to come up with some cost-effective ways to enhance your marketing efforts, try providing a content offer on your website. Content offers are a proven, time-tested way for businesses to engage visitors’ interest.

Content Offers Sell Your Expertise

What is a content offer? It’s an exchange of information. You ask visitors to your website to leave their name, phone number, email address, etc., and you allow them to download a guide, checklist, or tip free of charge. Most people who found your site and are the least bit interested in the subject matter of the giveaway won’t hesitate to do this. Note: This is not meant to be a business advertisement. In fact, it should be as far removed from an advertisement as possible. Instead, the one-page to ten-page document should be an informational giveaway. You want your website visitors to leave feeling as if they have learned more about your company, your capabilities, and your industry.

Content Offers Builds Relationships

By offering free content about something relating to your expertise or your industry, you are taking the first step in building a relationship with prospective clients. And, at the same time, you are adding even more stability to your existing client relationships. Content offers are also an effective way for business professionals to promote their businesses without sounding like they’re promoting their businesses.

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Use content offers to get your client’s attention.

Content Offers Sell Your Business

A content offer allows any business professional to write about a topic they believe will be of interest or use to their prospective and current clients.

Not sure what to write about? Some of your competitors may already be offering free content to website visitors. Take a look at what they are posting. This should help you come with some topic ideas of your own. Or use a free topic generator to get some ideas, such as Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator ( It’s actually intended to generator blog titles but can be used for any type of project.

Here are some ideas for a travel agent, attorney and insurance agent. A travel agent might offer a one-sheet on “5 Must Have Carry-on Items.” Or an attorney can provide visitors with “10 Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit.” An insurance agent might post a “12 Step Insurance Checklist for Your Business.” Whatever industry you are in, you have some parcel of information to share with prospective and existing clients that will whet their appetite enough to contact you and find out more.

Even if the individual doesn’t need your services, they likely know someone who does. And they will remember that you were the person who passed on those valuable tips to them. One kind deed deserves another.

Enhance Your Email List through Contact Offers

Once they entered their information on the form you’ve provided, you can add them to any future mailings. Use their information sparingly. You don’t want to inundate them with emails from which they will opt out of eventually. Instead, you want to pepper them with new information now and then to keep their interest strong.

It’s a winning situation for all parties involved and will only cost you some time in preparing your content offer. If writing isn’t your thing, or if you just want someone to spice it up after you write it, contact Robin Kellogg at Robin Kellogg Associates, “Your Writing Resource.”

Robin Kellogg,  owner of Robin Kellogg Associates,  helps businesses with their marketing and communications. She is the author of “12 Easy Steps to Better Business Communications”, available on Robin can be reached at or via her website at


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