One-Sheets: The Take Away That Clients Keep

You want to create a marketing piece that you can leave as a takeaway, send to a prospective client or post on social media, that tells them who you are, what you can do for them and lists your products, but don’t want to go with a conventional trifold brochure. What do you do? One option is a one-sheet.

What is a one-sheet? Speakers, real estate agents / brokers and authors, among others use this format to give their target audience a more personal look at them, their company and what they can offer clients.

What Should a One-Sheet Include?

Here are the basic elements that every one-sheet should include:

Headline—As with any promotional piece, a one-sheet should begin with a catchy headline, something that will grab the interest of your audience. A dentist talking about a sleep apnea device might say:

We Help You Say Goodbye to Sleep Apnea for Good

Tagline—Your tagline should also have a prominent place on the one-sheet. Typically it can be found under the headline. If you don’t have a tagline, create one. Depending on your business you might also use your favorite quote or saying. Just be sure to attribute it to the rightful owner.

Bio—A bio on a one-sheet is generally concise and to the point—one, maybe two, paragraphs. Tell the reader something about yourself or your business. Let them get to know you. Include any recent business related honors or awards you may have received.

Testimonials—Having your customers “sing your praises” is a great way to entice others to become customers. Include one, two or three testimonials.

Call to action—It may seem unnecessary, but it’s always a good idea to remind people what action you’d like them to take, such as call you, sign up for a seminar, visit your website, etc.

Photos—Visuals help in any presentation. Use a photo of yourself (it doesn’t have to be a headshot, but it should be a professional photo). If you’ve written a book that pertains to your business or what you are talking about if you are a speaker, include a photo of the book cover. Or it could be an interesting photograph of your products.

Printing—Get your one-sheet printed by a professional print shop. Do not, I repeat, do not, print it on your inkjet printer. This is supposed to be a quality product, not something you did in haste. Your printer may even have suggestions on the type of paper stock to use.

How to Distribute Your One-Sheet

There are a variety of ways to distribute your one-sheet.

It can be a takeaway that you leave with clients or at networking events you are attending. Or you might post it on your website or social media sites. If on your website you can collect data at the same time by asking visitors to leave their name, email address and phone number in exchange for downloading the one-sheet.

One-sheets are just another way for business professionals to reach out to new customers and provide existing customers with updates and new information.

Robin Kellogg,  owner of Robin Kellogg Associates,  helps businesses with their marketing and communications. She is the author of “12 Easy Steps to Better Business Communications”, available on Robin can be reached at or via her website at


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