R U Using Txt Speak In Your Biz Communications?

Have you noticed anything different about your business communications? Have there been any cute abbreviations (LOL, BTW), phonetically spelled words (cu, u or 2), or the occasional happy face or a frown at the end of a sentence? And when did punctuation go out the window?

“Text speak” has crept into business communications. The language of Twitter, Facebook and text messaging is now being used in place of standard English. There are even websites like Lingo2word.com that will translate text speak into easy-to-understand English. The question is, do you really want your customers or colleagues to have to do this every time they receive a message from you?

If you’re wondering if all this nit picking really matters, it does. As a business owner you are being judged and evaluated y your customers and even your colleagues, based on how you communicate with them. And unless you’re catering specifically to children, teens or individuals in their 20s, you may have a problem. For the most part, if your customers don’t think you have a command of the English language, they may not want to give you their business.

Using text speak in your personal communications is an individual choice, but in business use words—those already in the dictionary—that will be easily understood.


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