Who Needs Business Cards When a Book Will Do?

Business cards have long been considered the “holy grail” in business. You meet with someone and you give them your card so they can contact you in the future. That’s a sound plan, assuming your business card has more than your name, company name and contact information on it. There’s only so much that will fit on a business card. That’s the problem: business cards give people only the most basic information about the products and services you offer and the challenges they address.

What’s the solution? For many, it’s writing a book showcasing their expertise. Using a book as a calling card has gained in popularity as the cost of indie publishing has declined, thanks to websites like Amazon’s CreateSpace and LuLu.com.  Authors can now easily upload, format and affordably publish their books. The bonus is that these self-publishing sites have their own distribution channels, which increases the chance that your book will be purchased.

Books are advantageous for several reasons:

  • Clout. Marketing your business is all about perception. And the perception of most people, including your customers, is that a published author has clout. Writing a book boosts your credibility as an expert in your field.
  • Brand. Authoring a book will also help to improve your brand recognition. Your company name will become synonymous with what your business offers in the minds and hearts of your customers.
  • Longevity. Unlike business cards that often land up in a big pile with other cards, get lost or are relegated to the “round file,” books aren’t disposed of as easily.

Publishing a book just makes good business sense. If writing isn’t something you enjoy doing, hire someone to do it for you. Publishing a book that is poorly written is not going to win you any accolades. You want it to look professional. Remember, it’s a representation of you and your business.

Robin Kellogg is a business and marketing writer who helps companies communicate, brand and market themselves. She also works with authors helping them get their books to print. To find out about her writing workshops and coaching sessions go to http://bit.ly/GetYourBookDone.



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