Why Simple Is Always Better

Have you prepared a presentation for a client only to see their eyes glaze over? Or explained something to a client who has become irritated with you? Can’t put your finger on what went wrong? Maybe it was too many technical phrases or an overload of unneeded and unwanted information.

When you’re a business professional, especially in one of the more technical fields, you are used to “throwing around” your industry terms and you may mistake it for everyday conversational English. It is not. It is techno babble, legalese or medical speak.

Many of the people you use these terms with will not know what they mean and for the most part will not ask. Instead, they will feel stupid and not call you back again.

What’s the solution?  Simple sentences, simple concepts, simple language. Talk to your customers as if you were having a conversation with a friend. Be genuine, concerned, and help them figure out a solution to their problem. And, if you must use an industry acronym don’t assume your audience understands its meaning.  Stop and explain what it means. Your customers will appreciate it.


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